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Thursday, October 27, 2016

cookie recipe?

July 28, 2008 by  
Filed under Cooking & Recipes

bex 😉 asked: ive tried loads of cookie recipes and they’ve all turned out more like biscuits. does any1 have any good cookie recipes that turn out soft and chewy? p.s first good recipe gets 10p cookbook shoechefs Possibly Related Posts: Does anyone have any good recipes for peach cobbler or key lime pie? Where […]

Pudding cake recipe without boxed cake mix?

July 24, 2008 by  
Filed under Cooking & Recipes

lousue asked: I am looking for a recipe for a pudding cake but all of the recipes out there call for a box of cake mix. I am using a box of banana pudding but would like the cake to be made from scratch, like basic white cake. Anyone have a recipe to share? Or […]

I want to donate food to a local animal shelter?

July 21, 2008 by  
Filed under Give Back

livelifexoxo asked: i am doing this for animals. not for money. not for a certificate or anyting, but today there was a homeless man with his dog and he was holding a sign saying “god bless my animal, But he needs food to survive” the dog also looked very sick. i wish i could help […]

What is the best cheesecake recipe to use?

July 17, 2008 by  
Filed under Recipes for Style

Mercedes D asked: Which recipe makes the smoothest cheesecake? Cheesecake recipe Possibly Related Posts: Kenmore Live Studio: Healthy Kids’ Mardi Gras with Spatulatta – Mardi Gras Inspired Recipes Chef Beau MacMillan shares Hollywood inspired recipes Pt3 Chef Beau MacMillan shares Hollywood inspired recipes Pt1 KCRA 3 Kitchen: Olympic-Inspired Recipes Chef Beau MacMillan shares Hollywood inspired […]

what is the easiest way to organize cookbooks?

July 8, 2008 by  
Filed under Cookbooks

booger0819 asked: I have about a dozen cookbooks and so every time I want to make something I have to go thru each one to find the recipe I want. How can I make this easier? I really don’t want to destroy any of them by putting them altogether into one book shoechefs charity Possibly […]

What are your favorite vegan cookie recipes?

July 7, 2008 by  
Filed under Cooking & Recipes

Mountain Girl asked: I am going to a political rally Friday and would like to bake cookies for the fellow supporters I meet there. I made up a wonderful vegan brownie recipe that I use all the time, but haven’t had the time to come up with my own cookie recipe yet. I am not […]

Can someone list the recipes in the Naparima girl’s high school cookbook?

July 6, 2008 by  
Filed under Recipes for Style

spicequeen asked: I don’t want the actual recipes, just the titles of all 500 recipes so I can know if the cookbook is worth buying. It’s very expensive so I don’t wanna buy it and waste my money. I’ve heard some great things about the book and that it has 500 recipes, but I wanna […]

this is a food joke?

July 3, 2008 by  
Filed under Restaurant Humor

beast boy asked: a mutated pizza monster VS a mutated taco monster…!who will win….!? holiday shoechefs Possibly Related Posts: Two Headlights and Two Wheels Jokes: Wow Turtle ~~Hilarious Hot Waitress~~ Dane Cook Waitress Joke Dane Cook Bad Waitress 11-15-09


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